Service Pistol Match

The Service Pistol match is shot on our 50m range at distances from 50m all the way down to 7m. Wes shoots two subdisciplines, the standard match, in which competitors draw from a holster and the unrestricted match which they do not and is perfect for beginners, The match is shot with centrefire handguns,  either pistols (semi-automatics) or revolvers chambered in 9mm, 38 Special or 38 Super. The match is shot on four B-18 targets, shown right.

Course of Fire

The match consists of 90 rounds, shot as follows:

String One -24 shots at 50 yards.

In 165 seconds:

6 shots from the prone position, reload

6 shots from the sitting position, reload

6 shots from the right side of the barricade, reload

6 shots from the left of the barricade.

String Two - 24 shots at 25 yards


In 15 seconds:

6 Shots from the right side of the barricade.

In 15 seconds:

6 Shot from the left side of the barricade.

In 35 Seconds:

6 shots from the left side of the barricade, reload,

6 shots from the left side of the barricade.

String Three - 12 Shots at 25 yards

In 6 seconds:

3 shots, standing, into each of two targets.,

In 6 seconds:

2 shots, standing into each of three targets.

String Four - 18 shots at 10 yards.

In 4 seconds.

6 Shots, standing, into one target.

In 8 seconds.

3 shots left-handed, 3 shots right-handed, standing into one target.

In 4 seconds

3 shots, standing, into each of two targets.

String Five - 12 shots at 7 yards

In 15 seconds

6 shots into each of two targets, pistol held below the shoulders.