ISSF stands for the International Sports Shooting Federation, which is the controlling body for all Olympic level shooting. All ISSF Pistol matches are shot from the standing position on either our dedicated air-pistol range or one of our 25m ranges. Broome Pistol Club regularly shoots the 10m Air Pistol and 25m Sports Pistol, Standard Pistol, Rapid Fire and Centre Fire matches. Due to their relative simplicity (to shoot, not to get great scores!) new shooters will start off shooting these matches.

10m Air Pistol

Shot on our dedicated air pistol range, the 10m event consists of 60 shots in 90 minutes. At the Olympic level, it is shot by men and women. While 10m doesn't seem like much, the 10 ring of the target is only 11.5mm in diameter!

25m Standard Match

All new shooters to Broome Pistol Club will shoot this as their first match. The course of fire consists of 60 shots, fired in three different times.

  • 4 string of five shots, fired in 150 seconds each string.

  • 4 strings of five shots fired in 20 seconds each string.

  • 4 strings of five shots fired in 10 seconds each string.

A perfect score is 600/600, and the current World Record is 584!

25m Rapid Fire

In 25m Rapid Fire Pistol competitors use semi-automatic pistols in .22 calibre (5.6mm) at all levels of competition up to and including the Olympics.  A series (or string) consists of five (5) shots fired, one at each of five targets within a limited time.  


Five targets stand next to each other at a 25m distance from the shooter.  When the targets appear, the competitor must raise his/her arm from a 45 degree angle and fire his/her five shots.  If a shot is too late, it will score as a miss.

There are three different time limits: 8 seconds, 6 seconds and 4 seconds for the series.  A stage consists of two series in each time, and a full course of fire comprises two such stages.